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FS Spectra Lube Green Semi-Synthetic Grease

FS Spectra Lube Green Semi-Synthetic Grease

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FS Spectra Lube Green Semi-Synthetic Grease is a high-technology, calcium sulfonate-complex-thickened grease made with a heavy base oil. This combination gives it exceptional mechanical stability; very high loadcarrying ability; excellent resistance to water, oxidation, and corrosion; and outstanding performance in a wide range of temperatures.

FS Spectra Lube Green Semi-Synthetic Grease is formulated to meet the requirements of a variety of applications. It performs well in the mining, farming, and construction industries, where conditions are severe and performance of grease is critical to the operation.

It is excellent for use in open or marine-type applications where water washout and corrosion are of primary concern.

Features and Benefits: 

  • Synthetic based structure provides improved resistance against oxidation and higher film strength at elevated temperatures.
  • Extended Bearing Life Performance (Exceeds 180 hrs at ASTM D3527), GC/LB requirement is min. 80 hrs.)
  • Increased Load Carrying Capability and Lubricant Film Strength (620 kG 4-ball EP OK Load)
  • Improved Rust Protection Performance (ASTM D 5969, Synthetic Sea Water Rust Protection Performance)
  • Advanced Wear Protection (extensive results on fretting wear protection.)
  • Improved Low temperature working characteristics with low temperature pumpability torque
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