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Legacy Farmers Petroleum

FS Power Fluid (Green)

FS Power Fluid (Green)

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Offering exceptional performance, FS Power Fluid is a universal fluid formulated specifically for tractors using a centralized system to lubricate the transmission, differential, wet brake, power steering, and hydraulic systems.

FS Power Fluid is formulated using high-viscosity-index base oils and a state-of-the-art additive system that provides anti-wear properties, the ability to carry heavy-differential gear loads, resistance to oxidation stress from high temperatures, and the special balance of frictional properties required to prevent wet brake chatter and provide smooth operation.

Features and Benefits: 

  • Minimized viscosity variation: resists the buildup of sludge and varnish in the transmission and hydraulic components, which results in increased operating efficiency of the equipment and life-extending protection of components
  • Advanced gear protection: minimizes and reduces wear on the final drive, transmission, and differential gears
  • Chatter elimination: suppresses brake chatter without sacrificing PTO clutch performance and provides continuous friction-reducing lubrication capable of withstanding the excessive heat generated by today’s wet brake systems
  • Excellent corrosion protection: provides greater corrosion protection for the copper-containing metals on hydraulic pump parts
  • Field-proven to deliver superior performance with extended equipment life for optimum return on investment
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