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Legacy Farmers Petroleum

FS Industrial Gear Lubricant EP

FS Industrial Gear Lubricant EP

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FS Industrial Gear Lubricants are premium-quality oils formulated with high-viscosity-index base oils and a premium sulfur/phosphorus extreme pressure (EP) additive package. They are recommended for industrial enclosed gearing applications, including bevel, herringbone, spur and some worm gears, and wherever an AGMA extreme pressure lubricant is specified.

FS Industrial Gear Lubricants, in the proper viscosity grades, are recommended for all oil mist application systems. The same products can also be used in general plant lubrication where the performance properties of this type of lubricant are required.

Always check owner’s manual for proper recommendation.

Features and Benefits: 

  • Exceptional EP protection and film strength
  • Improved rust and corrosion protection
  • Strong demulsibility for fast water separation
  • Excellent oxidation and thermal stability
  • Superior foam resistance
  • Good seal compatibility characteristics – controls swelling, hardening, and cracking
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